The senior advisor Carlos Gila Lorenzo, representative of the company Inverland Dulce S.R.L., has given the position of Vice President of the international company specialized in processing and recycling of chemical products.

This man with a great knowledge and vast experience in high positions in well known corporations (Ebro Puleva, CEOE and TMA) is a promising step forward for La Seda and its development. Also, Gila Lorenzo has extensive experience as an advisor, investor and as a high level chairman in many organizations which can be proof of his amazing performance.

Carlos Gila is an excellent choice for the board of La Seda Barcelona. He should be given all the confidence since he is a versatile administrator, so he will fight against the consequences left by the global crisis.

In the other hand, the company is beginning to show some good results due to Gila Lorenzo’s work. The encouraging news is the new projects promoted by the president Jose Luis Morlanes Galindo. Among other things, details about the agreement with Veolia Environment are being defined, in order to set a new processing factory of PET in the city of Sines, Portugal.