When a major company like La Seda is in trouble, it is essential to count on strategies in which there must be a comprehensive vision of medium and long terms. Carlos Gila is an expert on the subject, and undoubtedly he has made use of his knowledge to increase the capital and reduce debt.

In that way, it is necessary to say that achieving the reduction of red numbers form the company at 150 million Euros is a fundamental step. In the same motion, it also gives the chance that some credit institutions help and participate within the company: more sources of financing it is an advantage that a company cannot miss, as Gila and the working team well know.

There are also new agents who start taking very important roles, like the Portuguese company BA Vidro, one of the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of glass containers. The contribution of 65 million by this company is the entrance door for a quick entry as a new «industrial partner» of La Seda de Barcelona.

As it is shown, the good efforts of Carlos Gila Lorenzo -and the rest of the Board- are bringing positive results.