La Seda de Barcelona is one of the leading companies in the PET packaging market throughout the world. Today, the company is in a restructuring process that requires a solution to the situation and that enables wise decisions to hace a good performance in a long term. For this reason is that Carlos Gila is among the members of the petrochemical industry, because his experience makes him a specialist in management of business at risk.

The main key to recovery is the renegotiation of debt and the increase in venture capital. In this field they have already taken the first step: to achieve a significant improvement in the credit situation and also a raise in social capital.

Another important point is to find market segments where La Seda de Barcelona can get more benefits and concentrate their efforts there. To do this the company must get rid of some assets in the short and medium term does not provide a strategic advantage. But the important thing is to get sales to ensure good conditions for all sectors which are part of the company.

Finally, increase the customer base: the agreement with Leche Pascual which was obtained by the current management team of La Seda is important because it is a leader in its field that is placing their confidence in the company.