The plant that La Seda de Barcelona has in El Prat of Llobregat resumes activities in the next March, in order to cope with expected growth in demand for PET containers estimated for summer.

The reopening is due to a credit of 15 million Euros given by the Catalan Institute of Finances. As a result, one of the many expectations from the Directive Board -which Carlos Gila belongs to- is achieved: improve the finances of the company.

The announcement of the loan and the reopening of the plant in El Prat was conducted in the context of the meeting that the directors of La Seda had with authorities of the Generalitat of Catalunya, in order to submit a restructuring plan and notify the President of that Office, José Montilla, on developments that would regulate the operations in the medium and long term.

At this meeting, the Directive Board president, José Luis Morlanes Galindo, introduced Carlos Moreira, shareholder of La Seda and president of the company BA Vidro. The Portuguese entrepreneur took the occasion to express that La Seda is seen as a company based in Catalunya, and also to clarify his involvement in the process of capital increase launched in December last year.