When it’s time to perform a task, it’s recommended to count on reliable professionals. That’s why Carlos Gila’s collaboration is so appreciated in the Administration Council.

In this way, Gila’s vast experience as a professional made him to assume command of many companies which were deep down troubled like no financial aid, objectives transformation or changes in the ownership.

When a complex situation appears, people must not underestimate any factor that could tear down a project. It’s really important to understand that good intentions are important, but they must be well carried out, with commitment and efficiency.

Besides his work as a structurations specialist, Carlos Gila is a person who has field expertise since he was involved in many successful managements which were destined to save small and big companies. Also Carlos Gila knows who to come up to and when to do it because he knows his own limits. In a world where many areas have secrets it’s very important the value of information coming from external agents of administration (financial entities, unions, providers, etc.).