Carlos Gila Lorenzo is vice president of La Seda de Barcelona, the first European group to guarantee a package from initial design to final product.

La Seda de Barcelona has entered a new stage that is synonymous with integration, after several years of intense activity. That’s why the designation of Carlos Gila as vice president of the Directive Board is meant with the aim of providing a reliable way to the Restructuring Plan needed to be implemented in all sectors.

Immersed in the Growth Plan and making business model of vertical integration, La Seda de Barcelona closes its earlier stage of expansion and it focuses its resources on strengthening the integration of various acquired businesses, with particular attention for obtaining latent synergies.

Specifically, the administration of Carlos Gila strengthen the financial and production aspects needed to:

• Design and supply PET and PET recycling for customers in order to meet the needs of today’s consumers (thanks to recyclability, lightness and strength of this material).

• Developing, processing and marketing of PET containers and PET recycling that meet the requirements of all sectors of the economy, which require innovative and appropriate designs for output to their products.

• Perform the Research, Development and Technological Innovation for the development of new applications and classes of PET, which contribute to the dissemination of this material as preferred by customers and consumers.

Carlos Gila Lorenzo’s Profile as an expert in restructuring is the profile that La Seda needed to make all these plans, since they require a comprehensive vision and someone able to fine-tune all the areas of the company.